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Book One in The Surface Creek Life Series

From 1904 to 1910, the Surface Creek Champion newspaper reported on communities nestled in the verdant Surface Creek Valley of Western Colorado–a world-famous apple growing region. During vintage winters, local residents relished stories of neighbors, weather, crop outlooks, animals, rural society, and holiday celebrations. This compilation takes the modern reader on a nostalgic journey into the realm of Christmases past.

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Book One in The Four Corners Mystery Series

Winner of the Southwest Design & Production Award, special recognition for cover design, New Mexico Book Association.

A smuggled prize, bloodthirsty treasure hunters, a hungry mountain lion, and a budding romance–it looks like an exciting summer for Anne Scriptor. Will the spunky young student of archeology survive her journey on The Road to Lavender?

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Book Two in The Four Corners Mystery Series

This novel contains adult subject matter and sexually sensitive topics.

A murdered patriarch and a boatload of neurotic suspects–it looks like a complicated case for Trinidad Sands and Ann Scriptor. Will the handsome detective and his spunky young partner solve the case in time to orchestrate A Lavender Wedding?

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Book Three in The Four Corners Mystery Series

In this prequel, set years before detective Trinidad Sands meets his precocious wife, the footloose bachelor lands his first case. Working a seasonal job at Grand Lake Lodge in the Colorado Rockies, he befriends a local character, investigates a kidnapping, and risks the wrath of a vengeful arsonist. Will Trinidad be aided or hampered by the spirits which haunt Colorado’s deepest natural lake.

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Book Four, The War Nickel Murders, will debut in 2023.

Book One in The Great Land Fantasy Series

Princess Ann of Middlemount is the last survivor of her royal household. Defeated by invading forces, her Wolfkind race faces extinction. Only a desperate quest can save her people, her god, and her world.

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Book Two, Iron Angel, will debut in mid-2023.

During the summer of 1952, in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, seven-year-old Tilly Harris begins to see her world differently. This story, told through her eyes, discovers prejudice against differences, truths that have to be hidden, cruelty disguised as righteousness, and strength in standing up for what is right.

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Book 1 in the Adventures of Teddy and Emmett

These children’s books introduce stories which feature diverse individuals who are often under-represented in children’s literature.

Teddy and his dog Emmett are up early to make a special gift, but their project hits a bump when Teddy’s green crayon goes missing.

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Ups and Downs follows two best friends, Miguel and Gracie, through an emotional roller coaster of a day. Although their experience is filled with smiles, wiggles, and giggles, they are faced with multiple feelings throughout their time together. Celebrate with Miguel and Gracie as they recognize their feelings, knowing no feeling is bad. Formatted by Elevation Press and published by We Matter Learning.

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Biblical Christianity is the only religion in the world that provides with its message proof of authority. God gives us overwhelming internal and external evidences in the coherency, accuracy and unity of His Word as it relates to our reality in validating His message. God does not expect His creation to follow Him blindly, but rather He gives us overwhelming proof of His authority.

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Book Three in the Trucks Are for Girls Series

Takes the reader back to the beginning – the growing up years in the 1960’s and 70’s – and the friendships which helped shape her.
Rich in detail, nostalgic, and hilarious, the twelve essays in Like a Swarm of Locusts highlight a kinder and simpler time of life when kids were still free to be kids. Weaving in memories of her later years as a wilderness guide, mule packer, and camp cook in the mountains of Idaho, White paints vivid pictures of the early adventures that helped develop her strengths, from horseback riding in the hardwood forests of Ohio, to camping, caving ,and backpacking in rural West Virginia, to living on her own right out of high school.
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