Elevation Press Menu of Services

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AUTHOR CONSULTATION: Free. Initial one-hour discussion with the author regarding his or her project. Contact us for a free telephone or Zoom consultation by clicking the link above or by emailing: elevationpressbooks@gmail.com

BASIC SERVICE: Formatting your finished manuscript: From $500. We work with your finished Microsoft Word manuscript using InDesign, a professional page layout application, to format a print-ready PDF required by book printers or print-on-demand services. Includes title page, copyright, dedication, and chapter openers. $800 fee based on a book of 80,000 words.

COVER SERVICE: Book cover design: From $100. We design your cover using text you provide along with your pre-approved copyright- and royalty-free digital image which has a resolution of 300 DPI (dots-per-inch). Or, for an additional fee, we search for and edit an image (photo or illustration). We provide a print-ready PDF and JPEG of your final cover.

SPECIAL INTERIOR SERVICES: Designing special interior pages: From $150. To enhance the look of your interior pages, we’ll create additional special features such as drop caps and drop shadows or embellishment graphics. We can also create special pages such as table of contents, about the author page, and other features you request. Fee based on a dozen features or less.

SPECIAL PHOTOS & ILLUSTRATIONS: Preparing additional interior images: From $150. If your book includes interior photographs and illustrations, we’ll prepare up to five illustrations to be either grayscale (for black and white printing) or cmyk (for color printing). And we’ll negotiate a fee for more than five interior images.

PLATINUM SERVICE: All of the above: From $800. For a manuscript of 80,000 words or less, we provide all formatting and design services mentioned above to produce a print-ready PDF which you can submit to a traditional printer or print-on-demand service. A negotiable platinum service is also available for manuscripts exceeding 80,000 words.