Mountain: A Cautionary Tale

A serialized novel, Mountain is an alternative history covering the period from 1936-1941. The story is a mystery with elements of the paranormal. It’s the saga of a misguided man, his star-crossed family, and a colossal enterprise gone terribly wrong. Seeking to blunt the impact of a persistent regional drought and lessen hardships spawned by a national economic depression, a U.S. government public works project employs thousands to erect an enormous artificial mountain range on the Colorado/Kansas border. Many unemployed find work with the Kansas Steel Range Project, others are attracted by the mystique of the area. However, promises of stability fade and dreams of economic prosperity dissolve when a wealthy recluse takes possession of the mountain and manipulates its resources to serve his own dark purposes. As America is drawn into the global chaos of World War II, the Project mutates into a sinister dictatorship, compelling a handful of misfits to foment a revolution. To view the first few episodes, click here. To follow all episodes, visit the online High Country Spotlight/Shopper at this link